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The Golden Rule

How do we know how people want to be treated or how they need to be managed?

This seminar looks at how to manage others.

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360° Management

This two-day course makes it clear that everybody has responsibility for ensuring productive relationships with others, including colleagues and clients.

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Many Delegation courses inform delegates the benefits of delegating and the disadvantages of not delegating, but do not have any specific method for actually delegating.

The course is designed to give practical, concrete techniques on how to specifically go through the delegation process, step by step.

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Emmanuel Aharoni Services

Emmanuel Aharoni Services

Public Speaking

Emmanuel Aharoni is a well-known public speaker. He has spoken at conferences all over the country and to audiences of thousands. While he will speak at any time, if you need someone to wake people up on the ‘graveyard shift’, i.e. immediately after lunch, he’s the person to use.

His talks are both business related and funny and always involve audience participation.

The two talks he recommends are:

The Golden Rule (see box to left)

The Difference Between Men and Women

As if you didn't know, men and women are different; but some of the differences are likely to surprise you. Men and women behave differently, they communicate differently, they think differently, they see the world differently, but they often work together.

This session, which is guaranteed to be both fun and funny will help us understand that odd species - the opposite sex.


Emmanuel Aharoni offers training courses in the following areas:

The training courses are designed for both businesses and individuals, and range from one to five days in length. Training courses will often involve candidates practicing the skills that they have learnt throughout the training process, ensuring that all candidates get the most out of each session. Where appropriate professional actors will be used for role playing.

Other services include:

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule basically says ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’. This only works when people wish to be treated the same way as you.

A more appropriate rule is ‘treat people the way they want to be treated’ or internally ‘manage people the way they need to be managed’.

But how do we know how people want to be treated or how they need to be managed? That’s what this seminar is about.

The course lasts for either one or two days, depending on the depth of the course.


This is a two-day course whose full title is ‘How to Delegate and Make Sure That it Gets Done Properly’. The course is designed to give practical, concrete techniques on how to specifically go through the delegation process, step by step.

Recruitment Interviewing Skills

The function of a recruitment interview is to:

1. Determine whether the candidate is technically competent or can become so quickly
2. Make an assessment as to whether the candidate will fit into the organisation
3. Ensure that the candidate leaves with a positive attitude towards the organisation

This is ideally a three-day course but can be adapted to the clients needs.


Appraisal Interviewing Skills

Irrespective of how many formal appraisals the client carries out in a year, the course is designed to ensure that candidates learn:

1. How to conduct an appraisal interview - the two way process
2. How to ask questions to ensure that subordinates are open and honest
3. How to listen to their subordinates
4. What should happen after the appraisal interview

Presentation Skills

This is a two-day course that teaches people how to stand up and convey information to others. It is not simply a public speaking course. While candidates are taught how to structure a talk, they are also taught how to properly use equipment such as multi media projectors and flip charts. All candidates have ample opportunity to practise.


This covers every aspect of sales from ‘prospecting’ to ‘closing the sale’.

Five days are required to cover the full course. Specific aspects can be covered in as little as an hour.

Phone Sales

Because over the telephone we cannot see body language, too many people misuse this most powerful instrument. Delegates will learn to read people over the phone and use many techniques to improve sales.

Customer Care

This course is primarily behavioural and looks at attitude, behaviour, appearance, body language, listening skills, what words not to use, what words to use and how to use them.

360° Management

This two-day course makes it clear that everybody has responsibility for ensuring productive relationships with everyone with whom they come in contact; including colleagues and customers.

It teaches delegates how to read others, adapt behaviour accordingly and reach win-win situations.

The course can be condensed to a day, in which case delegates will not role play.


This four-day course teaches delegates how to stand up for their own rights without usurping the rights of others.

Delegates will learn that neither Aggression or Passivity works in the longer term.

Both Aggressives and Passives will learn how to make all of their relationships, whether in business, at home or socially, more productive.

Coping With Difficult People

This is a one day course designed to teach delegates how to deal with any sort of difficult person, be that person a boss, colleague, subordinate, customer or even member of the family.

Negotiating Skills

Everybody has to negotiate. This two-day seminar teaches people how to negotiate to a win - win situation.

Team Development

In order to be an effective team each individual must, at times, be prepared to suspend or waive his/her own needs and requirements in favour of those of the group.

Personal performance within a team is almost always affected by the relationship with other team members.

Our approach is to get every team member to understand his/her colleagues. Even though we know that others are different; at a very early stage in the process, team members will appreciate why they are different.


No athlete has ever 'made it to the top' without a coach. So why do we expect managers to succeed at the top without a coach? With an outside mentor managers can 'open their hearts' without the fear of it getting back to the Company.

A mentor can give support, encouragement and advice. They can act as a sounding board and give the opportunity to have one's thinking challenged, safely.


Too many people carry out recruitment interviews without the necessary skill or ability to do the job effectively. I provide a service whereby I conduct the interview in front of the client. By doing this, the candidate has an in depth interview, the client receives some training and the candidate will leave with a positive attitude to the organisation.

Psychometric Profiling

This is used in the interviewing process but can also be used in several other areas, eg. Team Building, Conflict analysis, Appraisals, Manager/Staff relationships, Counselling and Management Audit.


For a variety of reasons, normal appraisal systems seldom work. I can assist with the implementation of a method that overcomes the drawbacks of these traditional systems.

Conflict Analysis

This is the resolution of conflict within a team or more often between two people.