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Emmanuel Aharoni - Human Resources Consultant

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Human Resources Training and Development

Emmanuel Aharoni offers a range of training and professional development services for a range of businesses from SMEs to multi-national companies. Providing imaginative speeches and seminars, Emmanuel Aharoni can train your staff in a variety of skill sectors.

Experienced Independent Consultancy

With over 20 years experience in Human Resources Development, Aharoni is a member of the CIPD. A facilitator, public speaker and business mentor, Emmanuel specialises in workplace management and behaviour, teaching the theory of professional development in corporate environments.

Professional Training Courses

For comprehensive training courses to help you get to grips with people management, Emmanuel Aharoni offers seminars in The Golden Rule to demonstrate the complexities of how people wish to be treated and how to manage staff most effectively.

Training courses can be held for individuals or business teams who need practical steps on how to delegate. Our Delegation course allows you to delegate effectively and ensure that tasks are done properly.

With expertise in Recruitment, we offer a three-day course in Recruitment Interviewing Skills. We also provide a course in Appraisal Interviewing Skills that trains candidates in how to get the best out of formal appraisals.

Emmanuel Aharoni not only offers public speaking training, but teaches candidates how to plan speeches and how to use multi-media projectors to best affect.

We offer Sales training courses that can be tailored to specific business needs, including how to read clients over the phone in order to boost your Phone Sales.

If you are looking to improve your Customer Care skills for yourself or your staff, we offer courses to help you improve your relationships with customers. A two-day course is available in 360 Management, which allows you to adapt your behaviour to ensure a more productive environment.

When working in a team, it can be important to assert your rights. We offer training in Assertiveness to make sure that can stand up for your rights without undermining or overpowering your fellow employees. Courses are also available in Coping with Difficult People and Negotiating skills.

To enhance your personal performance at work, you may often need to evaluate the relationship with your team members. A Team Development course will allow you to understand differences within the team and make effective forward progress.

For managers who need independent advice, Emmanuel Aharoni offers Mentoring services to encourage and support their decisions.

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